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Storm is a fast-paced, 2d side-scrolling multiplayer action game largely based on Soldat. Read more about the game here.



Latest Release: Version 0.010 (12/05/2013)
-Major physics improvements
—–Box2D removed, all verlet physics
—–feels much more like soldat
—–new flags
—–improved bullets
—–weapon no longer fails to shoot if nozzle is in a polygon
—–mostly fixed sliding off slopes
—–black hole weapon no longer freezes game
-Large Destructible terrain bug fixed
-CTF Gamemode
-Networking improvements
—–gamemode sent to client
—–flags, pickups synced
—–random seed for weapons networked
—–character class networking
—–profile appearance networking
—–improved commands
-New GUI
—–improved lobby
—–menus for changing controls, profile appearance, sound volume, etc.-improved particle and bullet emitters
-screen resolution checks
-no advantage on different sized screens / widescreen
-Anti-freeze thread that quits game if frozen.

-complete set of weapon / bullet sounds
-greyscale character class images
-ability to change class ingame
-shooting bones off players
-fixed biped animation code for non-looped animations

Old releases:(full changelog)

Version 0.005 (11/03/2013)
-Added all soldat weapons (Special thanks to AL)
-New original weapons (Special thanks to AL)
-New weapon images (Special thanks to Oatch)
-Partially fixed sliding off slopes
-Scrollbar on weapons menu
-Taunts (text and emoticons)
-Many networking fixes
-Better looking main menu
-pickups (bonuses and weapons)
-throwing weapons (eg. knife), dropping weapons
-Many new bullet,weapon,emitter settings
-Bullet trails improved
-Bullet ricochets
-New bullet physics
-Fixed client crash on quick succession of change maps
-Ragdolls now pushed by bullets
-fixed /adminlog command
-commands now work over network from client
-coloured messages sent from server to client
-different image set for ragdolls
-interpolation between alive & dead image set depending on health
-Fixed belt weapon (grenade) networking

Dev Blog

Hi, I’m Roland, the programmer for Storm2D. I’ve been working on re-doing the auto update system for the last few weeks and now it’s working well. Although we’ll have to switch to http in the future. We’ve had a private release that went well, no crashes on the server at least. I’ve got enough bugs to fix to keep me going for a long time but we’re starting to get there. If you haven’t already, join our forums at

Posted: February 22, 2014, 1:32 am

Hi there, I’m Marc Castellanos aka Skykanden and I’m the artist for Storm2d
Some work in progress on the ingame HUD, every class will have it’s own variation.

Posted: February 4, 2014, 12:13 pm
development blog of a new Soldat clone

We’ve moved blogs. Click here to see our old one!

Posted: February 3, 2014, 1:24 pm