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Latest Release: Version 0.7 (01/01/2015)

-Ingame map editor
-Conquest Gamemode

Version 0.050 (06/06/2014)

-New character class abilities
-Predator cloak
-Demolitions TNT + Detonator
-Engineer now has resources and cooldown for building objects
-Changed weapons lists for each class
-New weapons added
-Fixed flags sliding away from base
-Health can now go above maximum when healed
-Added Penetrating bullet ability
-Fixed particles sometimes exploding in centre of the map
-Added Custom server heap size config file
-Bot profiles are serialized and sent on client join rather than each time a new bot is created.
-Mod support
-Added Pro Mod
-Added gamemode icons: Conquest, HQ Defense, HTF, Point Match, Rambo
-Added Zombies game mode
-Added customisable settings to the battle menu: Map length, all polygons destructible, bot difficulty, etc.

Version 0.040 (21/04/2014)

-Switched to KAG API for Lobby System
-Fixed bones not being able to be shot off in dedicated server
-Bots now have weapons classes and can choose different weapons
-Added flag capture sound
-Added defaults INI files for bullets, particles, maps, emitters, bullet trails, verlets
-Huge server lag fixes
-Fixed ninja rope not getting destroyed
-New ninja rope physics
-Improved player, pickup and flag network sync
-Dismembered biped restoration on medikit pickup
-Pogo stick uses mouse instead of arrow keys
-Customisable Game Modes
-Can now press exit button while login window visible (so don’t have to close login popup first)
-Fixed flag capture sync on join
-Invulnerable spawn flicker for 2s to decrease spawn kills
-End of game now shows winning team/player in scoreboard
-INF gamemode added
-Rambo match gamemode added
-TM, PM, HTF gamemodes added

Version 0.030 (9/3/2014)

-Added reverse stereo setting in sound menu
-Added body hit sound
-added hotkeys for character and weapon selection
-Fixed high CPU update server
-Fixed mac line endings in run scripts
-Fixed keys not working on non-US keyboard layout
-Fixed escape not working in the menu
-Fixed secondary menu arrow pointing at wrong text
-Disabled broken tab button when entering text
-added hotkeys for character and weapon selection
-fixed changing controls for chat,team chat and command
-fixed adding player velocity to bullets not working
-fix overhead chat and visual taunts getting scaled with mouse zoom
-Improved sound dropoff
—sound centre is centre of screen rather than centre of player
—better near / far distance settings
—fixed sound x/y position only being -1, 1 or 0
-Fixed headless players and appearance problems on linux dedicated server
-Fixed possible crash when no profile appearance exists for a biped layer
-Fixed law crouch fire not working
-Fixed physics on engineer, demolitions, ninja so they don’t walk really slow
-Fixed crash when pogo stick hits the ground
-Fixed demolitions bombs sticking to player
-increased demolition bomb push
-fixed bullets that are stuck on ground bouncing off players on collision
-Decreased vote timeout from 60 to 30 seconds
-fixed login popup disappearing if cancel is clicked on download new version (multiple popup window support)
-decreased chance of pogo stick bugging
-added global weapon config file with most weapon settings
-fixed missing map image in lobby
-fixed lobby server name text being cut off
-lobby server name is now max 35 chars
-redesigned lobby menu server layout, more compact, multiple columns
-fixed bullets not loading lowercase images
-fixed crash when GL_ARB_shader_objects are not supported
-Fixed crash when GL_EXT_framebuffer_object is not supported (by old intel cards)
-New HTTP Update System

Version 0.020 (23/02/2014)

THD Private Alpha Release
-New auto-update system
-New movement physics
-Added dynamic bot pathfinding using A*, paths recalculated on changes to terrain
-New bot scripts (soldat class only)
-New Ingame Menus
-New Menus
-Added minimap
-Added Loading screens
-New character classes: Engineer, Ninja, Demolitions
-New Character class appearances
-New biped layer system
-New maps: chilly mines, ctf chuckchuck, ctf dump, ctf geod, daybreak, dm broken, plato, dm shaft, dome, imbra, inf volcano, kimo, kras, solid, tribun
-Fixed ragdolls
-Exploding ragdolls
-Ability to lose bones (arms/legs)
-Ability to drop weapons
-Dead hanging joints on players
-each bone has different damage multipliers
-New verlet physics
-New polygon destructible setting
-Fixed scenery / texture scaling in maps
-Animated weapons
-Verlet bullet clips
-Many commands and scripting additions

Version 0.010 (12/05/2013)

-Major physics improvements
—–Box2D removed, all verlet physics
—–feels much more like soldat
—–new flags
—–improved bullets
—–weapon no longer fails to shoot if nozzle is in a polygon
—–mostly fixed sliding off slopes
—–black hole weapon no longer freezes game
-Large Destructible terrain bug fixed
-CTF Gamemode
-Networking improvements
—–gamemode sent to client
—–flags, pickups synced
—–random seed for weapons networked
—–character class networking
—–profile appearance networking
—–improved commands
-New GUI
—–improved lobby
—–menus for changing controls, profile appearance, sound volume, etc.

-improved particle and bullet emitters
-screen resolution checks
-no advantage on different sized screens / widescreen
-Anti-freeze thread that quits game if frozen.

-complete set of weapon / bullet sounds
-greyscale character class images
-ability to change class ingame
-shooting bones off players
-fixed biped animation code for non-looped animations

Version 0.005 (11/03/2013)

-Added all soldat weapons (Special thanks to AL)
-New original weapons (Special thanks to AL)
-New weapon images (Special thanks to Oatch)
-Partially fixed sliding off slopes
-Scrollbar on weapons menu
-Taunts (text and emoticons)
-Many networking fixes
-Better looking main menu
-pickups (bonuses and weapons)
-throwing weapons (eg. knife), dropping weapons
-Many new bullet,weapon,emitter settings
-Bullet trails improved
-Bullet ricochets
-New bullet physics
-Fixed client crash on quick succession of change maps
-Ragdolls now pushed by bullets
-fixed /adminlog command
-commands now work over network from client
-coloured messages sent from server to client
-different image set for ragdolls
-interpolation between alive & dead image set depending on health
-Fixed belt weapon (grenade) networking

Version 0.004 (11/02/2013)

Networking code fixed & improved
Fixed multiple clients from same IP joining game
New connect/download game state
New verlet physics
New ragdolls featuring detachable limbs
Biped bone position fixes
Bone colour painting
New death bone images for ragdolls
New scoreboard
Profile name saving in menu
new Interface script drawing functions
scripting functions for sound effects added
improved box2d physics for player character shape
new gravity settings
new message logs stored
New admin commands:

Version 0.003 (07/01/2013)

Fixed bot profile loading
Fixed overlapping GUI windows
Fixed bullets going through walls
New colour, biped bone script functions
Fixed addbot command
Added mute toggle for sfx / music
Improved INI loading / saving
Scripting improvements
removed player super jump
improved multikills with changable fonts, colours and scales

Version 0.002 (31/12/2012)

Scoreboard, Deathlog, bot scripts added
GUI fixes
Performance fixes to stop hogging cpu
Lobby & jar update fixes

Version 0.0 (14/12/2012)

Initial Alpha Release!
-Working Lobby system
-Auto update system
-Temporary GUI
-Game modes: DM
-Destructible terrain